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Information for Schools

Under the Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme (NSSTAS), there are two programs:

  • Bus Fare Assistance Program (BFAP)
  • Students With Disability (SWD)

Each semester parents/carers have the opportunity to apply for assistance for student transport costs to and from school through this Scheme. Applications are available online during the month of May for Semester One and October for Semester Two.

Parents/carers are encouraged to apply online, but NSSTAS understands that not all parents/carers are able to do so, therefore we ask the school to assist by applying on their behalf.

Schools are encouraged to download the following School newsletter insert per the relevant semester and Brisbane City Council boundary restriction:

Semester 1
(We suggest publishing the insert from mid-April to mid-May):
Semester 2
(We suggest publishing the insert from mid-September to mid-October):


The family must spend more than the weekly threshold on bus/ferry fares.

Please note the weekly threshold for the relevant semester/year below:

Semester 1, 2022 January to June 2022 travel $45 per family (or $35 per concession family - for those applicants who hold a current Health Care, Pensioner Concession or Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession Card).
Semester 2, 2022 July to December 2022 travel The thresholds have yet to be set.

For eligibility, you can read the BFAP Guidelines.

The school can download a BFAP paper application.

Apply on behalf of a BFAP Parent


For eligibilty, you can read the SWD Guidelines.

The school can download a SWD paper application.

Apply on behalf of a SWD Parent

Schools, Bus Companies, or other groups seeking to develop new NSSTAS approved routes outside DTMR contracted areas should contact us via the Contact Us tab.